• 2020
  • Jakarta Convention Center

Mid-Year Festival for Maternity, Baby and Kids!

General Information

Date / Venue

Date :


Venue :
Assembly and Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan

Opening Hours : 10.00 am - 08.00 pm

Ticket Price : TBC/Day/Pax

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Visitor Admission:


- Ticketing booth open at 9.00 AM - 7.00 PM
- FREE for:

children under 3 years old,

uniformed nanny,

and elderly above 65 years old.

Show Facilities:

- Nursery Room
- Nappy Changing Room
- Toilet
- Friday Prayer Room
- Medical Room

Activities on Mommy n' Me

Kindly visit Instagram @Imbex.rpe for update information

We will update activities that will be held during Mommy n' Me 2020 shortly. Visitor who are already registered into one of the activities on Mommy n' Me still need to show their ticket.

Promo at Mommy n' Me

All promo which exclusive on Mommy n' Me will be featured on IMBEX Series Social Media

Product Categories in Mommy n' Me


Maternity Fashion and Clothing
Maternity Bag
Maternity Underwear
Maternity Apparel and Accessories
Maternity Beauty and Slimming
Breast and Feeding set
Cord blood storage/
Stem Cells


Skin Care & Baby Oil
Medical & Safety Products
Diapers, Toiletries and Hygiene Product
Baby Fashion and Clothing
Baby Footwear, Apparel and Accessories
Healthy Food, Milk and Nutrition
Stroller, Carrier and Car Seats
Toys, Educational & Learning Books, DVD


Kids Toys Product
Kids Fashion & Clothing
Apparel & Accessories
Education & Learning Products
Insurance, Saving & Education
Investment Plan

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