Mommy n' Me Profile

Moving forward from the success of its mother event, Mommy n’ Me completes the series as a mid-year platform for all brands to meet the wide and highly marketed consumers. Will be held on 28 – 30 July 2017, Mommy n’ Me is projected to offer super bazaar with various options to choose for the visitors.

With lots of new programs which are not met in other events such as Trade-in program, Product Auction and charity, surely the festival will be more delightful and attractive towards the visitors.

Mommy n' Me Key Contents


With this program, visitors can find several must-have items with super discounted price through bidding. The opening price range from 30% until 50% of retail price. The products showcased vary from strollers, carseat, air purifier, home interiors and many else to find.

If you wish to join this program, follow our instagram @imbex.rpe to get further information about time tables, opening price and how to join!


Trade-in is very helpful for visitors to get the very best new collections with cheaper price. Exhibitors of Mommy n' Me will present products available for trade-in programs and any visitors can join.

Every products traded will be checked on its condition, quality, etc. depends on exhibitors judgement to get cheap price. If you think your products can last for years, this time you won't as you can find new products with very good price!

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